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Morellas forest's third album might be called "From Dayton With Love", but what this winsome Ohio quartet really love is the 80's. Imagine them as Velocity Girl had that band been into A-ha instead of Echo And The Bunnymen. "From Dayton With Love" (Tooth & Nail) bursts with bubblegum-pop guitars and swirling synth-hooks, but instead of sounding retro it comes across as fun and fresh. It's a delightfully carefree album, cleanly captured by producer Keith Cleversley (Hum, Low, Flaming Lips). In "One Glorious Night" when bright-voiced Sydney Rentz wonders "why do I wait?" for her boyfriend who won't come have fun with her, the bouncing keyboards make her sound more frustrated about being kept from the dance floor than annoyed about waiting for him.

"We like a lot of light-hearted music-bands that don't get too serious. That are having fun" says the politely reticent Rentz. That explains the band's lovingly reverent cover of Kim Wilde's 1981 suburban ode "Kids in America". "The band loves the 80's", she says. "We play 80's trivia on the road. Maybe listening to that kind of music so long just rubbed off on us."

- David Daley


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