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First of all, I want to say that Morella's Forest is NOT Star Flyer 59 with a female vocalist. I have heard a lot of people describe their sound as such, & I personally think that it sells the band short. Sure, Morella's Forest does the same shoegazer/noise pop/fuzz rock style as Star Flyer, but they definitely do a better job of living up to their potential.

After picking up their 5-song indie casssette, "Bass", I fell instantly in love with them. Being a big fan of the music of My Bloody Valentine, Medicine, Slowdive, Cocteau Twins, etc., I always find it a pleasure to find this style creeping into Christian music, & Morella's Forest is among the best out there.

Two songs from "Bass", "Lush of Spring" & "Oceania", were included (and improved upon) on the record, along with 8 new songs. The result is 42 minutes worth of some of the fuzziest pop tunes around. Songs like "Wonder Boy" & "Puppy Luv" bleed with a fuzz that makes you wonder if your speakers are screwing up on you, while the mix of pure, nasty noise & vocalist Sydney's beautifully drony voice on "Glowing Green" & "Curl" will make your head spin. None of this takes away from the fact that the band write some great pop songs. Although you can rarely tell for sure what the heck Sydney is saying, she usually lets in enough intelligability (note to Ryan: If you can think of a better word that means the came thing as "being able to tell what she's singing", feel free to replace "intelligability") on the chorus for us to sing along.

The production on this disc is excellent. Steve Hindalong & Chris Colbert (The Prayer Chain, Luxury, etc.) are quickly becoming two of my favorite producers. This disc is just really LOUD, allowing for everything to come in clearly, while still making those HUGE guitars the number one priority. This is, in my opinion, the best record put out by Tooth & Nail thus far. (This is coming from a big fan of Luxury & Star Flyer 59.) Add to the incredible music some really groovy art by Tom Wolfe, (Chatterbox, Circle of Dust, Everdown, Under Midnight) & you have the one of the best noise pop records to be put out by anyone up to this point. Look for the band on tour with Star Flyer soon. (Go fig...)

- Tree Voigt


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