Morella's Forest
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Morella's Forest is a band from Dayton, Ohio. Their music is very interesting to listen to. It's beautiful and swirling dreamy chords with beautiful female vocals, much like My Bloody Valentine. Their songs are built over an odd backdrop of experimental noise. I think this band is just awesome. The songs on "Super Deluxe" are pretty fuzzy... Kinda like a cross between Starflyer 59 and the Cranberries.

I especially love the catchy choruses and the noise effects. My favorite tracks are "Hang-out," "Superstar," and "Puppy Luv," all of which are rather up-beat. But the ultimate song on the disc is "Oceania," which is so slow and beautiful that it could put a skater to sleep in just seconds. It's a rather moving song, written like a lullaby. I love it. Very emotionally intense. This CD is available from Tooth & Nail Records, and if you like great music, buy it... "Super Deluxe" steals the cake.

- Andrew Olson


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