Morella's Forest
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Subtle qualities in music are what set good bands apart from great bands. Morella's Forest, formerly on Tooth and Nail records, possess some of these subtle qualities. Talent, for instance; a band can have all of the personality in the world, and if their guitar player knows four chords and that is all, they aren't going to be going anywhere. Personality is the same way, and unity; how many bands do you see today that look like they just had a married-people-argument with each other, before getting on stage?

Yes, Morella's Forest possess all of these characteristics, and even though they have gone away from the static-tempered, fuzzy sound they played in their formative years, the band still is putting out quality records, as seen in this, their latest effort Tiny Lights of Heaven.

Overall, Morella's Forest have definitely moved on from their female crooner days of Ultraphonic Hiss and From Dayton With Love, and yet they have managed to put together a spectacular outing into the world of rock and roll. Well done.


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