Morella's Forest
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This is the first new release in four years from Dayton, Ohio-based Morella's Forest. The band put out three albums a few years back on the Tooth & Nail label and have now returned with a fuller sound and even stronger material. Vocalist Sydney Rentz has never sounded better. Her soft, breathy vocals are inviting and glide perfectly over the band's melodic compositions. When most bands return from the void it is usually because they either (a) need money or (b) have nothing better to do. In the case of Morella's Forest, the band has returned with a much stronger sense of who they are and what they are doing. They are likely to make a much bigger dent in the world this time around. We certainly hope so, as "Tiny Lights of Heaven" is a beautiful album...chock full of soothing soft pop and subtle intricacies. Ultimately satisfying cuts like "Running," "Love Is Blind," and "Gentle Go the Hours" make this album a cool glide through modern pop terrain.



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