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Euphrodita's Empire (Holland)

In the second half of the nineties Morella's Forest was around with post- My Bloody Valentine/ Curve guitar walls, tasteful female vocals and quirky new wave. They have released three CDs that show the progression the band has made through those years. After four years, Morella's Forest with Sydney Rentz (vocals), Shawn Johnson (guitars/ keyboards), Joel Votaw (bass) and Jesse Sprinkle are back with Tiny Lights of Heaven. The good news is that they are better than ever, and the bad news is that we have had to wait four years!

In a way Tiny Lights of Heaven embroiders on "From Dayton With Love". Rags of guitar walls, new wave and Nina Persson (Cardigans) are coming out of the speakers. But it is not the chaos that is in control, as Morella's Forest is searching for the perfect pop song now. Tracks like "Choppy", "Hopeless" and "Lullaby" are irresistible. Catchy but not smooth, the band finds the perfect synthesis of the styles of the past and the present. The ballads on this album remind me of Kryptonite Garden, relaxing but still moving and beautiful vocals as the eye (ear)-catcher.

Produced by Shawn Johnson and Jesse Sprinkle, on Tiny Lights of Heaven this four piece band is sounding matured. The dreamy vocals of Sydney stay the most attractive element of the music, but all band members are in a good shape. This CD is a convincing comeback. I hope we don't have to wait another four years to hear ten more tiny lights of heaven.

- Jacco Stijkel


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