Morella's Forest
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CMJ Magazine

"Today's pop/rock playing field is certainly a wide one. Every band from the campy to the creative can try to wear the label, but they can't always convice the listeners that, no matter how pop-affected the sound is, its still an honest display of musical expression. Morellas Forest isn't redefining what it means to rock over salient hooks and melodies, nor does the band do it much differently from artists such as Velocity Girl or Juliana Hatfield.

As you'll quickly hear on "Ultraphonic Hiss", Morellas Forest is, however, a clever and credible pop band that's gotten more jaunty and happy and fizzy than it was on its last album, "Super Deluxe." Lead vocalist Sydney Rentz has a gentle, pretty voice (not unlike that of the Cardigans' Nina Persson), which blends nicely with the power trio, even on the noisier tracks like the dreamy dischord of "Butter Scotch Boy" or the cosmic guitar effects found on "Silver Syrup." The candy-striped pop gets awfully hard to resist, especially on the head-wagging "glitter" (which has an early Hatfield sound) and other candyland-titled songs including "Candy Necklace Kind Of Love," "Tangerine Drops," "Big Orange Bubble," and "Lime Velvet Love Seat". Far more interesting than say, Eve's Plum, Morellas Forest shouldn't be just another, overlooked power-pop group."

- Glen Sansone


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