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Super Deluxe

TND 1029 (Tooth & Nail)

The debut release from The MoFo. Includes ten lushly arranged, ethereal yet weighty numbers that established the band's reputation right from the get go for their 'fizzlepop' extraordinaire. Features some straight on rock interwoven with some of the more beautiful, almost lullaby-esque stargazing dreamscapes you'll hear around.

"Yet another fine band on this up and coming record label. Morella's Forest play fuzzy, slightly psychedelic pop/rock and their trademark is a very sensuous lead vocalist named Sydney. Songs range from atmospheric to plain old fuzzed out rock. As is always the case with Tooth & Nail releases, the recording and production are excellent." (Baby Sue Music Review)

CD: $12.00 Cassette: $6.00
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Listen to tracks:
Wonder Boy
Lush Of Spring

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