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Tiny Lights Of Heaven

BBCD10 / ndr036 (Big Beef/endearing)

Morella's Forest, veterans of the indie rock world for nearly a decade, have created their most engaging pop album to date - Tiny Lights of Heaven.

Tiny Lights of Heaven is the fourth full length by Dayton, Ohio's Morella's Forest. The new release puts the emphasis on solidly written songs characterized by simple, sweet melodies and tasteful and intelligent arrangements. Jointly released by Dayton's Big Beef Records and Winnipeg's endearing records, TLOH is the first MoFo album in 4 years and follows 3 records on the Tooth and Nail label.

Comprised of Sydney Rentz (vocals), Shawn Johnson (guitars/keyboards), Joel Votaw (bass), and Jesse Sprinkle (drums), the group's music is rounded out by equal parts driving guitar lines, candy pop and keyboard-infused new wave quirkiness. The focal point of Morella's Forest is, however, Sydney's beautiful and alluring voice. A talented vocalist who can deliver playful hushed melodies, Sydney also has the ability to deliver powerful, heart-tugging vocals. Production work on TLOH was directed by the members themselves, including the renowned veteran producer and multi-talented musician/songwriter Jesse Sprinkle (Poor Ol Lu, The World Inside).

The band is always looking to develop and expand their songwriting approaches, beginning with their 1995 debut Super Deluxe, an ethereal mix of dreamy vocals and crunching guitars (dubbed 'fizzlepop' by some). On 1996's Ultraphonic Hiss, (produced by Keith Cleversey - Hum, Low, Flaming Lips) the songs were pure pop drenched in syrupy melodies with driving rock arrangements. From Dayton With Love (1998), also produced by Cleversey, found them dabbling in new wave mixed with their trademark noisy indie rock. The new material on Tiny Lights of Heaven finds the band venturing forward yet again, this time straight into the world of pop, creating some of the strongest songs and most moving ballads of their career. Flourishes of Stereolab, flashes of The Cardigans, and flecks of Ivy have been injected into the band's guitar-driven songs, redefining the Morella's Forest aesthetic.

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Listen to tracks:
Shining Stars
Love Is Blind

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