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Ultraphonic Hiss

TND 1063 (Tooth & Nail)

The follow-up to "Super Deluxe", and a new direction (par for the course for the MoFo, who are not ones to be content repeating themselves for very long). Eleven songs filled with pop hooks, straight ahead power pop arrangements and those irresistable trademark vocals of Sydney Rentz. Produced by Keith Cleversley (Flaming Lips, Low, Hum) and recorded at his Chicago Playground Studios. Cool artwork by Brainiac's Juan Monasterio really adds as well.

"Morella's Forest has come up to the plate swinging with their sophomore release 'Ultraphonic Hiss'. From the first chords of 'Candy Necklace Kind Of Love', the band has shown what a couple years on the road and a good producer can accomplish. The listener is invited in to enjoy quite a tasty morsel with 'Hiss'." (Official News From Underground) (Read more on 'Ultraphonic Hiss' here)

CD: $12.00 Cassette: $6.00
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Listen to tracks:
Candy Necklace Kind Of Love
Big Orange Bubble
30 Sec.Wheely

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