Kawanga! - Los Straitjackets
Sandoway - The Exotics
Gasser - The Exotics
Valley Of The Kaisers - The Kaisers
Mondo Bondo - Four Piece Suit
A Shot In The Dark - Four Piece Suit
Hammerhead - The Halibuts
Under The Gun - The Mulchmen
Big Nasty - The Mulchmen
Pacifica - Los Straitjackets
2000 lb. Werewolf - The Neanderthals
Fadeaway - Laika And The Cosmonauts
Night Of The Drunken Cheerleaders - The Penetrators
Melodie's Dilemma - The Penetrators
Summertime - The Halibuts
Pans Rock - The Panasonics
Rik-A-Tik - Simon And The Bar Sinisters
Mongoose Boulevard - The Vibro Champs

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