A Tribute To Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet

Good Cop Bad Cop - The Heatscores
Zombie Compromise - The Dead Barons
Shake Some Evil - The Mulchmen
Egypt Texas - The Insect Surfers
Customized - The Unknown
Harlem By The Sea - The Neptones
Having An Average Weekend - Dirk Doom & The Overdrive Orchestra
Reid's Situation - Spy-Fi
Aunt's Invasion - The Sandblasters
Hot Box Car - Derf Zorr & Stella
Jackpot - Bass Playin' Ben
Ben Hur Picked Off In A Gazebo - Popdefect
Siesta Cinema - The Deoras
Unwatchable/Three Piece Suit - The Mill Valley Taters
That Wuz Ear Me Callin' A Horse - Breakfastime
Spy School Graduation Theme - Squid Vicious
Mecca - The Coctail Preachers
Algoma Reflections - The Sadies
Peas Porridge Rock/You Spin Me Round '86 - The Surfdusters
They Don't Call Them Chihuahuas Anymore - The Fabulous Planktones
Off Our Back Conrad Black - Sawnery Bean
Memories Of Gay Paree - Urban Surf Kings

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