Backyard Astronauts

"Ten Foot Orbit"

Vakkert Lekeplass Records

Produced by John Shough

Another cool project from the long legacy of the Dayton-bred and GUIDED BY VOICES-related 'indie rock' family tree. This offering comes from long-time music veteran DAN TOOHEY, known for his extensive work over the years with the likes of GBV and the many musical incarnations assembled by another Guided By Voices veteran, TOBIN SPROUT (FIG. 4, EYESINWEASEL and more). You can hear Toohey's work on everything from GBV's "Propeller" to Fig.4's classic recordings to Sprouts' Eyesinweasel-titled project "Wrinkled Thoughts".

"Ten Foot Orbit" was produced by JOHN SHOUGH at Dayton's venerable Cro-Magnon Studios. John is another veteran of the Dayton rock scene and frequent producer of countless great Ohio-based bands, most notably that of the many varied projects of Guided By Voices and their varied offshoots. The album features many of the trademark elements of great pop rock as exemplified by much of the material associated with Shough's work, featuring a fine mixture of clever lyrics and an unassuming sense of heart and sincerity to the music. This is a real gem and a must have for alt rock fans everywhere, particularly those with an interest in the works of Pollard, Sprout and the stream of great indie rock born and bred in Dayton, Ohio.

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Field Trip

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