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Matt Espy - drums
Nick Kizirnis - guitar, bass, vocals
(see also The Mulchmen)
Ed Lacy - keyboards, guitar, vocals
(see also The Lawn Jockeys) Gregg Spence - Guitar, bass, vocals
(see also The Mulchmen)

Cage has been described as being everything from "a great concoction of insane rock" to "a unique amalgamation of noisy art-damaged pop." Formed in 1992, this Dayton, Ohio-based group has made a name for themselves around the country with their unique blend of sounds and song ideas. Cage has toured around the midwest, east coast and southern states, appeared with bands like The Breeders, Fugazi, Shudder to Think and Guided By Voices, and appeared in SPIN, The Splatter Effect, and many other music magazines. The band's lush cover of the great Pere Ubu track "Goodnight Irene" is a highlight of "Ubu Dance Party", the tribute record featuring fellow Ohioans such as Brainiac, The Oxymorons, The New Bomb Turks, The Royal Crescent Mob and many more. Their full-length CD, Magnificent Propaganda Opportunity, documents the variety of the group only hinted at on their single releases.

Magnificent Propaganda Opportunity
Magnificent Propaganda Opportunity"The debut CD/LP on Simple Solution Records (Dayton, OH). This album showcases almost every aspect of Cage - blistering guitars, bizzarre noises, rich textures, catchy tunes, strong songwriting and a bunch of broken glass."

Screed: "Some may want to throw these guys in with their rocketeer neighbors, but I will say that they stand head & shoulders above most of the crap that college radio is mixing big bowls of oatmeal for these days...Alight That Failed cruises in at a comfortable altitude, telling us that "When you are not in charge of reality, navigation is only possible if you let go." To make things even better Cage enlist the help of ex-Pure Plastic Treeers Annette Meng and Brian Bagdonas to add acoustic strings where needed. I really dig her violin parts during Return To Cold... Nothin' Doin' has a keyboard line that will stay with you for sixteen minutes and thirty-seven seconds..."

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In Stereo
In Stereo"The debut 7" on I Wanna Records. Featuring Cage favorites "Plod", "Household Finance", "Worst Case Scenario", and "8 Day Drunk".

The Splatter Effect:  "Thick slabs of guitar slash careen off a skin tight rhythm section. The vocals range from a clean and melodic to distorted and claustrophobic. Cage rattle off four progressive songs that require repeated listening to soak in all the obvious and sometimes implied insanity...the sound on this 7" is fantastic for the amount of music they've managed to squeeze on it...had Devo started in the '90's they may have sounded like this."

Tailspins Magazine: "A psychotic opera surrounds me.
The Conductor's wand drips blood as his lips stretch into a sardonic grin. The singer blows his shadow into me, his megaphone cupping my ear. My eyes explode. I feel the tickle of a feather on my nose which makes me laugh and suddenly I remember that I'm alone at home, laying on the floor, listening to Cage...socially and lyrically stimulating, these guys really trapped me. Kind of experimental noise meets The Pixies meets Ministry minus the speed sound. This is one record worth scouting for. Explore Cage, but give your soul the day off first."

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Refill"Split single with The Tigerlillies from Cincinnati, Ohio. This 7" on Simple Solution Records features a more somber version of the song "Refill", which appears in a more maniacal style on Cage's CD."

Spin: "Cage remains the best hope for the future development of the Dayton music scene...Cage plays a sort of quirky, nervous art pop..."
- Jim Greer

Since I Fell
Since I Fell"Cage picks the bones of frat rock with this "eerie, raw, punked-out Doors-ish kinda thing" (Gajoob Magazine) on this lo-fi split with Chicago's Foo on Bright Green Records."


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