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LAB PARTNERS - "Daystar"; An amazing magnus opus of lush, dreamy spacerocking stratopop. A richly textured swirling infusion of sound that ranges from minimul aural spacescapes to full on rock and roll. A beautiful collection of inspirational and soulful music....14 Song CD....$11 (Big Beef BBCD12)
MORELLA'S FOREST - "Tiny Lights of Heaven"; The long-awaited offering from this veteran indie outfit is here, and it proves to have been well worth the wait. The MoFo bring you this collection of beautiful, inspired pop songs that make you look forward to getting up in the morning. A co-release by Big Beef with endearing records of Canada....10 Song CD....$11 (Big Beef BBCD10/endearing ndr36)
JOHN SHOUGH - "Ultra Vega"; The debut full-length from this remarkably creative and prolific writer and producer. Reminiscent of the best of 60's and 70's pop, yet refreshingly modern, reflecting years of studio experience with the likes of The Breeders, Shrug, Guided By Voices and many, many more. A sheer treasure trove of pop magnficence!....20 Song CD....$11 (Big Beef BBCD06)
THE LAWN JOCKEYS - "Amazing Sounds of Shock Theatre"; An absolutely "amazing" work of free form rock, funk, metal, trance/electronica and much more, all weaved together by wild soundbites from classic movies and videos and starring nationally-known TV horror show host legend Dr. Creep! This is the quintessential party rock album!....15 Song CD....$11 (Big Beef BBCD08)
THE MULCHMEN - "Greetings From Planet Stupider"; The full-length follow-up to their acclaimed debut CD "Louder Than Dirt". This disc features 14 instrumental hits ranging from hard rock to surf pop to guitar ballads in the band's uniquely distinctive and refreashing style, which has garnered them a devoted live following as well as numerous airplay on radio and television, including such networks as MTV and Comedy Central. Experience The Wordlessness!...14 Song CD....$11 (Big Beef BBCD04)
THE MULCHMEN - "Louder Than Dirt, Thicker Than Mud!"; Midwestern KapoweeŞ surf ROCK! "The very essence of quality surf rock...A richly textured album that vaults onto the short list of instrumental albums that remain listenable and distinct from beginning to end." - SCRATCH MAGAZINE;...14 Song CD....$11 (Big Beef BBCD03)
THE MULCHMEN - "Covered With Mulch"; Cool rockin' surf classics covered in the way only The Mulchmen can do it. Includes a Side Surf and a Side Link, which features some bitchin' Link Wray hits (including a Zepped-out version of "Jack The Ripper"). Proceeds from the sale of this cassette go to benefit The Tim Taylor Memorial Fund...10 Song Cassette....$5 (Big Beef BBCS06)
THE MULCHMEN - "All The News That's Fit To Surf" The debut release by Dayton's premier landlocked mulchsurfers! "The guitar work is top notch and the band is hot" - SURF MUSIC U.S.A.; "If you dig Dick Dale or The Chantays, you will definitely like this" - THE CONTINENTAL; "Surf can sound so fresh and exciting, especially in the inspired hands of Dayton's Mulchmen." - MAGNET...4 Song EP....$4 (LUNA3)
VARIOUS ARTISTS - "Better Than The Average Weekend".....SHADOWY MEN FROM A SHADOWY PLANET tribute record featuring THE MULCHMEN ("Shake Some Evil"), along with THE HEATSCORES, THE DEAD BARONS, THE INSECT SURFERS, SPY-FI and more! A great tribute to a great band...22 Song CD....$12 (Deep Eddy Records DEEP011)
VARIOUS ARTISTS - "Rock Don't Run (Vol.2)".....A great 18-song surf compilation from Eddie Angel's Spinout Records, featuring 2 tracks from THE MULCHMEN (exclusive to this CD release only), along with a host of great material from such stellar acts as LOS STRAITJACKETS, THE EXOTICS, LAIKA AND THE COSMONAUTS, SIMON AND THE BAR SINISTERS and many more!....$11 (Spinout SPINCD002)
VARIOUS ARTISTS - "Andy & Pat's Groovy Cosmic Love Hour Record Collection - Funky 45's" A tripped-out collection of humorously strange rarities often featured over the years on the cult TV show from Dayton of the same name. Included are thrift store classics from the likes of THE SPECIALISTS, THE JERMS (doing a rippin' version of "Green Door"), THE FIVE BLOBS and even JIM BACKUS! A must have for fans of offbeat compilations in the vein of the great work of Rhino....26 Track CD....$10 (Big Beef BBCD05)
VARIOUS ARTISTS - "Andy & Pat's Groovy Cosmic Love Hour Funky Forty-Fives Vol.II" A great follow up and continuation of the fun and entertainment from the first volume of this popular series. Features some extremely rare classic garage and party rock, surf, offbeat ballads and long-forgotten covers you will assuredly find nowhere else!....34 Track CD....$10 (Big Beef BBCD11)
REAL LULU - "After You"; The long-awaited collection of studio recordings of many of the great power rocking crowd favorites of this popular veteran band. Features appearances by Jim Macpherson (GBV/Breeders) and original band drummer Gregg Spence on their never before released version of The Sonic's hit "The Witch". A great follow up to and a must have for fans of the band and their acclaimed CD release "We Love Nick" ...14 Song CD....$11 (Real Lulu 2)
REAL LULU - "We Love Nick"; Female-fronted powerpop rock at it's best! Featuring such favorites as "Let Me","You","Bobcat" and many more! Riff-heavy and hook-laden rock 'n' roll put together with the help of friends Jim Macpherson of The Breeders/Guided By Voices, Tim Taylor of Brainiac and many other talented participants. "A great pop record" - CAROLINE RECORDS; "This disc rocks; it is awesome!" - MOO MAGAZINE...14 Song CD....$11 (Big Beef BBCD02)
REAL LULU - "Hell/Motorhead"; Their Kim Deal-produced debut 7" Single with Non-CD B-Side. "This record is everything a single should be: catchy, captivating and cathartic. The perfect soundtrack for any spontaneous road trip." - DAYTON VOICE; "This is a hell of a band and a hell of a record!" - GAJOOB.....$3 (Limited Edition Purple Vinyl $4) (Simple Solutions SS-Oll)
THE PURE PLASTIC TREE - "The Action Poets vs. George The King of Swing". A highly unique, powerful rendition of "acoustic" music. Folk-influenced rock, stark yet beautiful and uplifting at the same time. "A fantastic CD" - CINCINNATI CITYBEAT; "Reminiscent of early Camper Van Beethoven" - MOO...14 Song CD....$8 (Big Beef BBCD01)
THE PURE PLASTIC TREE - "Iscrap" 7" Single with non-CD B-Side. The band's first (and rare) record exclusively available here through Big Beef. Features "Mesmerize", which is heart lifting folk-influenced rock at it's best....$3
CAGE - "Magnificent Propaganda Opportunity" 14-Song CD/LP Release. A blend of Pere Ubu to Richard Thompson to The Pixies to Robyn Hitchcock. This is a truly unique style of music that features strong writing, strong playing, strong everything!....CD: $10, LP: $8 (Simple Solutions SSLP-01)
CAGE - "In Stereo" 7" EP; Their much-heralded first release! Features "Plod" and "Household Finance" plus more. "Crunching and unpredictable to say the least, yet quite original and enjoyable" - EVERYBODY'S NEWS; "The sound on this 7" EP is fantastic...All four songs are distinct and interesting. Had Devo started in the 90's they may have sounded like this" - THE SPLATTER EFFECT....4 Song EP....$4 (I wanna IS9302)
CAGE - "Since I Fell" Split 7" with Chicago's FOO. Picking the bones of college frat rock! A great track which was often a featured show closer for the band. "An eerie, raw, punked-out Doors-ish kind of number" - GAJOOB....$3 (Bright Green BGR-7008)
CAGE - "Refill" split 7" with Cincinnati's Tigerlillies. Features a moodier, non-LP version of the song highlighted on their full-length "MPO".
(Simple Solutions SS-007)....$3
VARIOUS ARTISTS - "Hydroponic Mascara (Volume Two)" 22-track CD; Great indie pop rock collection, featuring exclusive tracks by GUIDED BY VOICES' DOUG GILLARD and TOBIN SPROUT, as well as Dayton's SWEARING AT MOTORISTS and Big Beef's own NICK KIZIRNIS and GREGG SPENCE (from CAGE and THE MULCHMEN). "An excellent, excellent indie pop compilation!" - THE BIG TAKEOVER....$13 (mr. whiggs records mrw006)
VARIOUS ARTISTS - "Hydroponic Mascara (Volume One)" 5-track EP; A collection of unique lo-fi gems by some of the best bands you've never heard. Includes the great "Wrong Sky" by Nick Kizirnis of The Mulchmen and Cage, along with a new original by swearing at motorists, a theremin-only track and more. Order yours today!....$4 (mr. whiggs records mrw001)
BACKYARD ASTRONAUTS - "Ten Foot Orbit"; More great midwestern mid-fi rock from the fertile musical ground of Dayton, Ohio. The full-length musical project by DAN TOOHEY (veteran of Guided By Voices and Tobin Sprout projects) and produced by John Shough, featuring all their trademark elements of clever lyrics and melodies finely mixed with an unassuming and heartwarming sincerity....12 Song CD....$11 (Vakkert Lekeplass Records)
LET'S CRASH - "Stand Up And Relax"; The long-awaited debut release by these premier Dayton-based indie rockers! This record delivers a sonic backhand that does more than justice to the band's renowned full-on live sets. Produced by John Schmersal (Brainiac, Enon) and Dave Sardy (NIN, Marilyn Manson, Slayer, Dandy Warhols, Barkmarket)....12 Song CD....$11 (pixeldefense dpi 002)
THE OXYMORONS - "Dancing On Billy's Grave" The hard pop power punk classic. Witty, catchy, sometimes biting, always rocking! Fans of good ol' hard driving rock in the vein of such bands as THE REPLACEMENTS can't go wrong with this one!....18 Song CD....$9 (Mutant Renegade)
THE ALMIGHTY ROGERS - "Rogerin'!"; An incendiary combination of instrumental blues, soul, 70's rock and jazz delivered with punk energy! With the inventive freshness of a live recording, this disc will leave you wondering how Merle Travis, Jimmy Page, Booker T., Speedy West, James Brown, Miles Davis and Tony Iommi all ended up in the same band? This thing rocks!....9 Song CD....$12 (Rogering Records)
THE CONVULSIONS - "Shaken & Disturbed"; Hard gin soaked, smoke stained Chicago blues rock with soul! Complete with Hammond organ, harmonica, trumpet and blazing guitars, this band knows how to do it right. With a voice reminiscent of Howlin' Wolf and a band that sounds like it's ready to explode, The Convulsions have been leading the charge in Chicago blues for nearly a decade....13 Song CD....$12 (Stout Fellow Records)
THE OBVIOUS - "Rock & Roll In The Big City" Classic line drive, up-the-middle American rock from one of Dayton, Ohio's original indie rock outfits (whose original line-up featured guitarist Nick Kizirnis of MULCHMEN and CAGE fame). Includes "The Underground", "Hall Of Fame", "Two Thumbs Down" and much more! Proceeds from sales of this CD go to The Gregg Spence Fund....10 Song CD....$8 (I Wanna IW9303)

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