What do you get when you throw four energized and seasoned veterans of the Ohio rock world onto a stage crammed with stacks of loud amps, gibson guitars, a fair share of beer and a microphone about to be manhandled like some voodoo cattle prod with a short circuit? That would be LET'S CRASH for $200, Alex!, As rock fans fortunate enough to have witnessed this very scenario can attest to, LET'S CRASH is a sonic tornado of rock that will slap you upside the head and keep it singing for days (if not for entire minutes, even seconds!)

LET'S CRASH, who hail from Dayton, Ohio, the uniquely creative midwestern town pretending to be a city, have been playing together since 1997. The band was originally formed by frontman JEREMY FREDERICK who, after having toured extensively with the Cincinnati-based grrrl band Lazy, was ready to step out from the side stage and take the microphone by the horns. Long-time friend and guitarist MIKE VOLK decided to join forces with Frederick and help drive the rock home, after a lengthy stint of his own in the space-rock dream pop band Honeyburn. Joining the band on base was MARK KRAMER, who had toured with the emo-based Spitcurl and had spent time in the hardcore band Stronghold (along with Volk years earlier). Rounding out the unit was another Honeyburn veteran, drummer MATT SCHULZ.

LET'S CRASH play rock music that is loud and hard but not shy of melody. Dayton's "Impact Weekly" music critic, Don Thrasher, described his take on the band writing that "the quartet's songs are rife with the amplitude and punk power one would expect from a crew with their pedigree, but behind the sheen of guitars and the low rumble of bass and drums lies sweet candy melodies and hummable refrains."

An appraisal of this sort becomes especially apparent when listening to their full-length CD release "STAND UP AND RELAX" (Pixeldefense, Ltd.), the band's 12-barrel collection of rock produced by John Schmersal (Brainiac, Enon) and Barkmarket's frontman Dave Sardy (whose also produced records for the likes of Nine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson, Helmet, Slayer, The Unsane and The Dandy Warhols).

Since their formation over three years ago, the band's dedicated work means play ethic has resulted in loads of prolific output of high-quality material, as well as successfuly pursuing an aggressive touring schedule, performing their brand of punk-nuevo throughout the states with the likes of Hole, U.S. Maple, Enon, Mike Watt, The Supersuckers, Melt Banana, Royal Trux, Les Savy Fav, Dismemberment Plan, The Terrifying Experience, The Wharton Tiers Ensemble, The Murder City Devils, Nashville Pussy, The Nerves, The Make-Up, The Delta 72, 764-Hero and many more.

With the completion and impending release of the new CD, drummer Matt Schulz left the band to do full-time touring with John Schmersal's outfit Enon, with the new drum throne being occupied by another long-time Dayton rock veteran CRAIG NICHOLS, known for his work with the likes of Guided By Voices, The Terrifying Experience, Robthebank, O-Matic and The Method.

The band has a backlog of great power pop punk songs, and have performed much of it, along with numerous highlights from "STAND UP AND RELAX", during their gut-level, high energy shows at bars, clubs, theaters and basements across America. You can also hear the band on various cable tv outlets, including programming produced by MTV, The Erotic Network and as soundtrack material to episodes of the cult video series "Bikini Bandits".

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