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Maurice Compte has had major supporting roles in the Nick Gomez feature ILLTOWN and on the television series NYPD BLUE and CHICAGO HOPE. Compte also had a major supporting role in the Tom Berenger studio film, THE SUBSTITUTE. Compte was awarded Best Actor honors for his role in INNER CIRCLE, performed on stage at the Southeastern Theater Conference. Compte's other stage work includes roles in STAND UP TRAGEDY and WORKING at the Miami Dade Community College, BENT with the Acropolis Acting Company, MATECUMBE for the Avante Theater and LA BALSA for the First Union Acting Company.


Paddy Connor is 16 years old. He is currently in the 10th grade in Boulder, Colorado. Born in Moab, Utah, he makes his home in Boulder, Colorado with his parents Brooke and Jeff, his older brother Ryan, and younger sister Cayley.

Connor started acting professionally in the Nutcracker ballet at the age of nine, as the all-time bad-boy Fritz. From there, he quickly took on other popular theatrical roles, performing in such plays as OLIVER!, ON GOLDEN POND, GOD'S COUNTRY, and INHERIT THE WIND. His love of acting soon brought him into the world of film. THE DREAM CATCHER is his first film.


Jeanne Heaton is an actor and director living in New York City. A graduate of NYU, she studied at the Stella Adler Conservatory and with William Dafoe at the Wooster Group. She has directed numerous plays in Los Angeles and New York, including John Fugelsang's JUNK MAIL, which won the 1995 and 1997 Mac Awards. Heaton recently completed work with Vanessa Hollingshead on THAT'S MY TIME, which played at the 1999 HBO Aspen Comedy Festival. She recently acted in the Womankind Festival and at the Off-Broadway Irish Repertory Theater's production of Christopher Jones' "The Potion." Heaton will also appear in the upcoming film "12 Hours."

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