Andy Valeri & his Big Beef Records ain't stopped YET, volkz! Now, it HAS been a while since we reviewed anything by this group, but they're back in full force. If you go aquiver at th' thought of Dracula drippin', this CD will drag u outta' yer' PHUNK, peeple. Moves from the heavy organ onna' first 'round right into some daring disco-oriented monster mash kinda' stuph. That featured performer, "Dr. Creep" iz just thee kinda' dood who appears in yer' nightmares - just when u thought u were gonna' WAKE UP - he dragz yer' back IN to the miasma (with his maniacal laffin'). ...A rawkin' lil' romp that's fun to listen to. Gets a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, especially for those who dig sum heavy motivational zoundz to MOVE to!

- Rotcod Zzaj

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