Dr. Creep is a legendary horror host of Shock Theatre from the '70s & '80s in the Dayton area. I had my photo taken with him when I was just seven years old. Now over 25 years later, the Creep is back on local cable and with the release of his very own CD. All the tunes on this release were improvised and are absolutely superb. Sound bytes from classic horror movies as well as the distinctive laugh of Dr. Creep interlaced throughout the tunes add to the beauty. My favorite tracks on the release have to be the ones that have a groove to them and are more dance-orientated, with my absolute favorite being "Creep 303". Also the tunes that include the takes on the Henry Mancini composition "Peter Gunn", such as "Peter Shock", just help with making my childhood memories of Shock Theatre resurface. You should do yourself a favor and definitely check out this CD.

- Mite

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