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Congratulations! You have arrived (and to prove it you're here, to paraphrase The Rutles) at the official internet home of one of the most daringly enigmatic bands around, THE LAWN JOCKEYS! This merry band of short and shady characters have been around lawns, living rooms and warehouses near you (if you live in the American midwest) since 1993. Certainly not ones to be confused with the Hilton Head club party band of the same name, this consortium of purveyers of rock and roll over have now unleashed their first CD project (with more to come in the near future, some of us hope, others speculate on and even a few dare dread). Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the grass (no artificial chemicals applied here we assure you. We like to keep our lawns clean and green the natural, organically grooved way. That is when they are not being scorched by drought).


WATCH The Lawn Jockeys on-line with their distinctive brand of black floyd funk performing "Ghoul Train" on live television for a special all-night
'Shock Theatre Movie Marathon!"

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Feel free to puruse about the lawn and definately check out the debut CD release by The Lawn Jockeys and their partners The Organic Groove Continuum, who have managed to create a full-length "tribute" CD to long-time TV horror show host legend DR. CREEP! This is certainly one of the more unique and enjoyably fun collections of cult party rock you'll come across.

Just stop in at the Available Recordings page and order your own copy right here on-line with our easy Big Beef Ordering Page! And don't forget to check out the great stuff from The Almighty Rogers & The Convulsions, Chicago-based r&b outfits featuring members of The Lawn Jockeys!