CDReviews.com - "No newcomers to the music scene, the Oxymorons have been putting out their own tapes and appearing on compilations since 1989, as well as appearing with such acts as Green Day, Fugazi, and The Dead Milkmen along the way. This is their first CD release, and the experience shows in this fun collection of just-left-of-pop that can be summed up by mentioning two of their influences. The slower paced (or less frenzied) selections bear a strong liking to old Replacements, and the more energized ones, especially "Nothing To Feel Bad About", are similiar to late model Husker Du. For the most part, you can make a case for either of these two in a "sounds like" argument, but there are a couple of exceptions. "White Funk Wagon" is a spirited, must-dance cut, and the acoustic instrumental "Johnette Napolitano", although listed as a separate track, is actually an intro to "Tried". The latter is one of a couple of nice acoustic bedded ditties, the other being "First Time Today", featuring Johnny Marr like guitar work. Being a pretty big fan of Husker Du and Replacements, I can highly recommend this one to fans of either, with plenty to like, and not much reason to pop the skip button.
Top Cuts: Nothing To Feel Bad About, Diner Song, Unearthing Your Grave, First Time Today"

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