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Countdown To Lift Off

Updated: Dec 21, 2023

Marking The Impending Launch of It's All Happening

Well, here I am typing away with a ‘News’ post on this newly revamped website of the long running production platform of mine that is Big Beef - anxiously yet enthusiastically noting that we’re at the 1:00 week away mark from the launching of It’s All Happening - a new programming endeavor long in the making, and even much longer in the envisioning.

It’s All Happening was first conceived out of the tail end of the UnCommon Sense TV Media project that I and my good friend and creative compatriot Ed Lacy, along with a host of like-minded and determined friends and colleagues, were involved with during the first decade of this already troubled and transformative century.

That was in 2007, and IAH has gone through numerous conceptual iterations ever since, including its first rough draft production run throughs nearly a decade ago with the help of my soul sister Amy Pickard (at which point the current name was first adopted, one that has stuck ever since).

However, with all of the various activities, involvements and commitments of life - from full-fledged academic endeavors to my professional working life in community media, various relationship and family commitments, helping run multiple political campaigns, even working on trying to help create a local sustainable garden and orchard space, all of them deeply meaningful and often rewarding in their own ways - through all of it the commitment to IAH always seemed to find itself needing to be placed on a back burner, or at least a side burner on lower grade simmer.

And so now, It’s All Happening will very soon be ‘happening’ and in full public sharing (and hopefully distribution) mode for the worldwide listening public, either via the interwebs or in some communities on their radio dials (Columbus, Ohio being the first of them!).

I’ll be sharing more details about this new weekly programming venture here on the Big Beef News pages and via the other various IAH platforms (like here on Facebook and Instagram) in the coming days ahead.

I hope you’ll want to join in on the audiophonic ride, by bookmarking the It’s All Happening online listening page, as well as signing up for the weekly emails that feature playlists, engaging promotional flyer art, updates on new radio stations carrying the program, even potentially downlinks for copies of the shows themselves. Just go to the bottom of the any page here on the Big Beef website and add your email to the IAH Newsletter sign up link. And Thank You.

Onward and Forward…

It’s All Happening - your soundtrack for interesting times

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