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"John's music made my top ten list of the year. "So Very" is one of my all time favorite songs. It's Big Star meets Bee Gees meets Cheap Trick. John has the soul and edge of the 60's weaving through his songs; well crafted, great melodies, tight harmonies, power pop rock. I love it."

Hello and thank you for stopping by the home site for John Shough and his band Ultra Vega. Shough is certainly one of pop's unsung heros, having been quietly working away on a treasure trove of his own exquisitely produced musical gems for years. John has been busy recording his material for the past few years in between his countless sessions as producer/engineer at Dayton's somewhat legendary Cro-Magnon Studios. He has worked with an impressive roster of some of Ohio's pre-eminent musical talent for well over a decade, including such acts as ROBERT POLLARD & GUIDED BY VOICES, SHRUG, THE BREEDERS, THE MULCHMEN, THE OXYMORONS and many, many more (see the Bands John Has Worked With page for a more detailed list).

We hope you take the time to check out John's site where you can read about what others are saying about John's great debut release "Ultra Vega". You can also check out updates on the progress of many of John's latest production activities. There will also be more contest giveaways sponsored by Big Beef where you can win free copies of John's work, and the ongoing ever-changing featured web exclusive songs from John. You can check it out on his Exclusive On-Line Song Page or hear some numbers from his album "Ultra Vega" at the Big Beef Listening Lounge

If you would like more information on Shough and his work (past, present and future), would like to contact him directly and/or have ideas and suggestions as to what you would like to see on these pages, please feel free to drop us a line at shough@bigbeef.com