This isn't too terrible for all the reunions these days. The Toxics are still spirited and musically tight. The video starts with a rehearsal complete with cigarettes, canned Miller beer and 11 songs. The camera person gets some good atmosphere shots, and it's on to the show. The Toxics crank out 20 tunes during their set and 2 encores. They stick primarily to the tunes on "Independence" and stick to canned Busch tall boys! Close angles, good sound quality and a fine performance make this a solid package.


When the Toxic Reasons started out I was a mere 11 years old. This video satisfied my need to see these punk rock legends as they took the stage with their original line-up for the first time in nearly 17 years. This video is like a little documentary on the band that shook Dayton when it came on the scene. It starts off with footage of the band as they practice for the big show the night before and then goes right into the raw energy of the concert itself.
The energy and the legend of the Toxics was added to during this concert as they set the club record at Canal Street Tavern for both attendence and bar receipts! From the first explosive power chord, Ed Pittman, Joel Agne, Bruce Stuckey, Rob Lucjak and J.J. Pearson put on a show that grandparents tell their children about. The infamous Rev. Cool was also on hand to introduce the band and add to the chaos.
The video is something that will inspire all punks everywhere. It's also a testimony to the tightness of the musical community in Dayton as the proceeds from the concert and this video all go to the Gregg Spence Fund. - Mite

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Pre-show rehearsal of "Drunk & Disorderly" 56k | 128k | 384k
Concert kick-off with a special appearance by legendary Dayton radio host Rev. Cool! 56k | 128k | 384k

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