"This Is Public Access TV At It's Best"

-Mike Gunderloy, FACTSHEET FIVE

Long ago in a video galaxy far, far away came an access television show whose primary mission was to explore new worlds, seek out new life and reflect back the convoluted state of civilization today, particularly as it is filtered through the modes of today's modern media. Whether it succeeds in this rather pretentiously grandiose endeavor is certainly up for debate, but hopefully the viewer will be too busy grinning in perplexed confusion to notice.
In the spirit of the Carp, a fish that consumes garbage and becomes all the stronger for it, Big Beef presents this 6-part compendium series (with more episodes projected) whose main point, if there is one, is that there is no "point" and that we should all probably be more careful about fighting so hard to sharpen each of our own ones.

The programs feature films, music, comedic sketches and various unwilling participants of the world's media culture, which E=MC threads together into an onslaught of meaningful meaninglessness. It touches on such themes as diverse as authoritarian politics, religious inconsistencies and mass media fads to salmon flavored soda pop and useless repetitive physical movements (a phenomenon known as "slorb").
The show is "hosted" by Admiral Ackbar (who serves as supreme commander of an intergalactic battlefleet when not making cheap grabs at fame through this low-budget show), featuring an array of his mutant colleagues and a number of works from the Big Beef film and video vaults, along with guest features from filmmakers and diverse musical acts from across the country. Certainly a program which makes great late night fair for that rock'n'roll slumber party as you get comfortable with some pizza and your favorite beverage.

"This is public access TV at it's best: things that could never, ever be shown on a commercial channel, not because of their offensiveness, but because of their strangeness. The basic show format is relatively simple: video cutups and homemade films are mixed with soundbites from all over (Radio Moscow to classic TV), and intercut with live footage. All of the live actors wear latex monster masks at all times, making for anonymity as well as a certain difficulty in understanding anything that's being said. Finally, public service announcements and inspirational messages fill the gaps between the films and the live stuff. The whole is blatantly confusing, non-commercial, and occassionally enlightening."
-Mike Gunderly, Factsheet Five

"THE EAT MORE CARP SHOW has nothing to hide. It's absurd, hilarious, and straight to the point. But most of all it's real. It's television stripped down to the naked truth. Watching "The Carp Show" makes me realize how phony and pretentious commercial television is, and I think 'this must be the best show in the world'."
-John Kuehner, Geological Sciences Major


Big Beef Video (BBV01) (2-Hour, VHS Hi-Fi Stereo) $8

"The Adventures Of The Eat More Carp Show" and "The Eat More Carp Show Gets Lost"

A convoluted morass of multi-media chaos, all marinated together in a warm and fuzzy stew of humorous anecdotes and thought revoking video imagery.
Includes the out-of-orbit film "The Adventures Of Esther Slorb" and soul-touching "Poetry By Bill", along with the Big Beef cult classic "Apronman Meets The Star Patrol From Planet X" (which pretty much closes the book on what we normally conceive of as "science fiction"). There's also rock'n'roll segments featuring rare material by Cage and one of L.A.'s premier proginators of punk The Electric Ferrets (including material from their Dionysus Records CD release "Ferretzilla"). Plus 60's rock "videos" you'll NEVER see on VH-1 or MTV (as if there are any videos on MTV anyway). All hosted by the good Admiral, seen here losing track of time amongst other things.


Big Beef Video (BBV02) (2-Hour, VHS Hi-Fi Stereo) $8

"Sacred Fish Of The Orient" and "The Eat More Carp Show Gives Thanks & Praise!"

More glimpses into the humorously sorry state we've devolved into in our quest for higher truths. You're "guided" through your hapless journey by The Admiral, as you're introduced to any number of spiritual seers ready to sell you a glimpse of God, along with some Avon products on the side. ("The Lord loves those that give selflessly, so be generous when making out your donation"). Hypnotic chants by new agers with bomb shelters and biblical prophecy that takes the proverbial cake make this a must have for the connisseur of the bizarre.
Also includes "The Justice Chumps vs. The Renegade Cockroach", the animated opus by Jeff Nicholson, founder of Onward Comics and creator of the series "Ultra Klutz". There's more rare rock features from The Raging Mantras and Cage, The Electric Ferrets, as well as video material by The Pure Plastic Tree. You get Mr.L's Travelogue (pictured here, as well as his regular insightful "Word Of The Day"), along with all the "normal" convoluted weirdness you'd find in a show named after a soft-finned freshwater fish of sluggish waters.


Big Beef Video (BBV03) (2-Hour, VHS Hi-Fi Stereo) $8

"The Eat More Carp Show Joins The Party" and "Seize The Carpe!"

Glimpsing the dark underbelly of the bottom dwelling carp, these episodes feature material culled from the dirty mudvein of human political and social culture. You too can do your duty and join the party for a foray into the gulag of political propaganda and it's evil twin of the soma of mass media pop culture. But like anything named "Carp", it never loses it's sense of humor in the face of some rather disturbing realities. Included amongst the transmissions received from planet Earth is a bizarre "music video" of a Gershwin classic from Radio Moscow, along with other assorted historical gems of political folly. Some especially potent works are the Big Beef film "Requiem" (set to Killing Joke's classic track of the same name) and the unofficial video to Public Image's scathing eco-critique "Don't Ask Me" (the video by Jim Valeri often confused for an actual "official" international release). There are more great works by The Electric Ferrets, Cage (pictured here) and various other underground classics from the Big Beef film vault included as well. These shows include many of the best of the standard Carp features, including "Poetry By Bill" and "Word Of The Day" by the all-revolutionary Mr. L, seen here assuming power with his syncophants at the White House. Highly recommended for lovers of underground video with an oblique edge.

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Other Visual Treats From The Underground


In Support Of The Gregg Spence Fund

Big Beef Video (BBV20) (2-Hour, VHS Hi-Fi Stereo) $12

On October 2nd, 1999, Dayton, Ohio's own punk rock heroes TOXIC REASONS took to the stage with their original line-up for the first time in nearly 17 years. From the very first power chord to the last note of the evening, Ed Pittman, Joel Agne, Bruce Stuckey, Rob Lucjak and J.J. Pearson were ON! The band wiped away the space of all those passing years with a powerful, inspired performance that arguably rivaled any of the best shows from the band's heydays of the early 80's (no small feat as veteran fans can attest to). The power and enthusiasm of the band was matched only by that of the crowd, which couldn't get enough of the Toxics' full-bore authentic punk rock & roll.
This video is a special up-close document of this rather amazing and already legendary concert (setting club records for both attendance and bar receipts!). PLUS, this tape also contains rare, behind-the-scenes footage of the band while rehearsing the night before this historic event. The Toxic Reasons reunion was inspired by, in support of and dedicated to the late, great Gregg Spence -- beloved musician and friend to so many in the Dayton music community.

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Big Beef Video (BBV05) (2-Hour, VHS Hi-Fi Stereo) $8

Big Beef Productions produced this 2-hour live stage event of one of Dayton's premier formative bands THE RAGING MANTRAS (originally THE KILLJOYS), whose members Nick Kizirnis and Ed Lacy went on to form CAGE and THE MULCHMEN after drummer Jim Macpherson joined THE BREEDERS (and later REAL LULU and GUIDED BY VOICES). This provides a good example of what made up their unique live performances, which often featured an array of films, slides, multiple video monitors, stage effects, etc... Their shows were often "events", with sound bites, film feature intermissions, video imagery, and even TV commercials interspersed throughout the performances. Makes for both a great viewing or even just a listening experience, as the progressive psychadelic rock sounds of The Mantras were recorded in stereo hi-fi. The tape also includes their psychadelic onslaught video opus "Steps To The Door", the band's rather unique interpretation of the TRUE WEST original.


A Live Television Performance - Big Beef Video (BBV09) (VHS Hi-Fi Stereo) $6

Not your normal musical televsion performance footage. Features the band's appearance on live television in Dayton, Ohio. No lip-synching. No posing. Real music with real instruments in real time playing real good. Complete with lots of unique film and video effects which were actually part of the live program. The Hi-Fi Stereo sound is recommended for play on home entertainment systems. Makes a great and highly-affordable addition to anyone's PPT and/or music video collection.

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