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Organic Groove Continuum (O.G.C.)

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The original wave in modern electronica, the Organic Groove Continuum (O.G.C.), featuring DJ Snapper (aka Adrian Roberts) and Brett Skywalker (aka Brett Owsley), bring the cutting edge of the trance beat together with the soul of the 70’s, forging an original sound influenced heavily by deep Chicago House Music, 1970's Disco & Soul Music, Hip Hop, Techno and modern Jungle.

Founded in 1995, O.G.C. originated as the back-up band for the hip hop group Komandoz. Through this live hip hop experience O.G.C. performed with the likes of Biz Markie, T-1000 and MOOD, as well as such rock acts as Guided By Voices and Spoon, and in New York City at ThoughtForms with Mos Def and Lone Catalyst.

With DJ Snapper joining the mix, the O.G.C. began collaborating with Chicago label Herbal Recordings, under the direction and guidance of Daniell Spencer, resulting in a host of single releases at the time. O.G.C. also participated in the production of the Big Beef Records CD release "Amazing Sounds of Shock Theatre," along with the improvisational rock band The Lawn Jockeys (of whom Owsley has performed with), and their remix project from those recordings, “Give Beats A Chance.” Brett Owsley also records with the multi-talented producer/engineer/songwriter John Shough, with whom he has collaborated with on hundreds of recordings.

By 2003, O.G.C had became regular guests on several Chicago House Music radio shows, bringing in guest collaborators such as George Jackson, Lady D, and others along with them. In 2006 O.G.C. released their first self produced single "Pump Dance" with vocalist Kelly Love.  The song went to #6 on the European House Charts, and was licensed to NRK Records (Bristol UK) for 2 additional releases.  “Pump Dance” went on to be remixed by Jamie Principle, Jake Childs, Ron Carroll,Style of Eye, Sista Stroke and Dj Sneak who featured the song on his 2006 release Dj Sneak Sessions on Ministry of Sound.




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"Amazing Sounds of Shock Theatre!"

O.G.C. participated along with the band The Lawn Jockeys in the production of the Big Beef Records CD release "Amazing Sounds of Shock Theatre," contributing various numbers to this audiophonic musical/collage tribute to Dr. Creep, the beloved host of the legendary cult TV show "Shock Theatre."

"Give Beats A Chance"

A unique recording of trance-like grooves made from remixing various elements of The Lawn Jockeys/O.G.C. material from the 'Shock Theatre' album. The recordings received wide usage as backing tracks on various cable TV shows and networks, including MTV.


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