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It's All Happening

A weekly music-based program delivering an inspired reinvention of how we inform ourselves about and experience the world we live in. "It's All Happening" is Big Beef’s latest creative endeavor and its most extensively in-depth engagement with radio production yet. IAH brings together much of Big Beef's decades of creative production experience, combining its musical & cultural aesthetic sensibilities with its years of civic-political engagement and consciousness. 


"Wow, what a selection...IAH  is incredible. "

“Great episodes of cold facts and groove music!”

“IAH is amazing! Subtle, but CLEAR!”

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Your Musical Soundtrack
For Interesting Times

"Too Bold!"
- Radio Basim

Latest Episodes

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IT'S ALL HAPPENING - Wrecked  (Ep.22)
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Big Beef

Get to Know Us

From ‘DJ’ing’ mix tapes on cassettes as a kid in the 70’s, to being actively involved in a local community organizing effort to save WYSO radio as a locally-controlled media resource, Big Beef producer Andy Valeri’s personal connection to the power and joy of radio has been a lengthy and deep one.

His first experience with live radio was hosting an entire evening (when the actual scheduled DJ never showed up) on WDFM radio in State College, PA on Halloween night 1981. He was later enlisted by the legendary Dayton DJ the Rev. Cool to serve as a kind of co-pilot back-up for his now over four decades-long running program "Around the Fringe", and has been serving in that role regularly since 2007.

Valeri also served as back up for Tod Weidner’s phenomenally good music program "The Jewel Case" (which ran on WYSO for over five years, before Tod’s own professional music career became too extensive to accommodate regular radio production), and now serves as a regular fill in for WYSO’s flagship daily prime time midday music programming.

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