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Episode 7   |   February 1, 2024    |  Big Beef Productions

Music Playlist
Funkadelic - “Nappy Dugout’”

Drive-By Truckers - “The New OK”

Guided By Voices - “Eye City”

Frank Pahl - “Scarred Mangled Spanner”

Saul Williams (Feat. DJ Spooky) - “Not In Our Name (The Pledge To Resist)”

Thenewno2 - “Back To You”

Negativeland - “The Greatest Taste Around”

Rage Against The Machine - “Sleep Now In The Fire”

Neil Young & The Bluenotes - “This Note’s For You”

Roger McGuinn - “King of the Hill”

Lesley Gore - “You Don’t Own Me”

Marvin Gaye vs. Mansun (DJ Soundhog) - “Take It Easy, Marvin”

George Harrison - “Brainwashed”
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