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‘We were once paid $50 to quit.' - DEVO

Updated: Dec 21, 2023

A good read, and a good reminder about where things like Devo come from, along with what drives the use of culture and art to create and propagate this whole concept these guys were prophets of.

And Mark Mothersbaugh's description here sounds a bit like what I've working on with “It’s All Happening,” the radio show I’ve been trying to get launched over the airwaves. Though more like delivering the music you'd be listening to while that reporting were telling you about it.

“I wanted the sounds you’d hear in the background while a reporter was telling you the U.S. Air Force was dropping bombs on a jungle in Vietnam,” Mothersbaugh says. “I was looking for what our version of those sounds would be." ‘We were once paid $50 to quit’: New Wave heroes Devo on boos, Bowie and retiring after 50 years

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