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And We Have Lift Off: The Launching of It's All Happening

Updated: Dec 21, 2023

On this, the darkest of days (amidst some of our darker of times), comes the advent and promise of new light ahead. A day that seems fitting to mark the beginning of what will hopefully serve as some new creative light being beamed into our mediasphere - as It’s All Happening begins sending its audiophonic musical dispatches out into the world.

I’ll admit to this being a rather exciting time for me personally, as well as a bit of a nerve-racking one, as this program, one involving as much personal investment as it does, finally begins making its way out into the public domain.

But what exactly is this? It’s All Happening is fundamentally a music show, and those who have listened to any of my on-air DJing work on WYSO radio over these many years will have some idea as to the musical aesthetics and sensibilities that are being brought to this program.

If you’ve enjoyed tuning in during any of those shifts, you’ll most likely dig the beats being amplified on this new program, one that brings together a kind of “Around The Jewel Case”-flavored playlist. I’ve long described It’s All Happening as a merging together of many of my previous production ventures, taking the aforementioned music DJ’ing work, along with the untethered creative freedoms of The Eat More Carp Show, the energized audience-driven interactivity and spontaneity of The Groovy Cosmic Love Hour, the political consciousness of UnCommon Sense TV Media, and putting them all together into a blender, flavored with some inspirational seasoning from Harry Shearer's Le Show.

I’ve always envisioned the program as being delivered via actual terrestrial radio, as something you can randomly come across on your radio dial, and be struck with a “What is THIS?” moment (which are all too rare on our corporately consolidated and conforming radio dials anymore these days). Something akin to my own reactions when first coming across Harry Shearer’s long running program Le Show on my radio dial over two decades ago, which when I first heard it had me transfixed sitting in my car long after I had arrived at my destination, in awed inspiration as to the genre-breaking format and truth telling it was employing through music and humor. It’s great when listeners find themselves thinking “This sounds engaging, this sounds cool, this sounds like a rare portal to something real over my radio,” which in itself has become all too problematically rare these days, unfortunately.

As for that terrestrial radio thing, the program is designed for such usage and syndication, and is available for stations interested in airing it via here at the PRX Radio Exchange.

If you would like to hear IAH over your respective public radio airwaves, feel free to contact your local community radio stations and request that they add It’s All Happening to their programming schedules.

A big shout of thanks and gratitude to WGRN 91.9 FM in Columbus, Ohio, the first station that will be beaming It’s All Happening over their local radio waves - broadcasting IAH every Friday Night at 10pm starting THIS Friday, Dec. 22.

Regardless of where you are, you will always be able to listen in to any and all the episodes of It’s All Happening via the global internet ‘radio’ platform that is Mixcloud, here at accessible via the Big Beef Productions website. Beginning today, new episodes of IAH will be dropping weekly every Thursday. Sign up to the IAH newsletter (at the link at the bottom of any of the pages here on this website) to receive announcements for these new shows, including complete playlists and links, fun program promotional art, and much more (including special limited access download links of the program).

You can also get updates and other exclusive material and communications via the IAH Facebook and Instagram social media pages.

Tune in and join in with the audiophonic adventure that goes global a go-go where It’s All Happening.

Radio Now For The Future!

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