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Andrew Mulhearn on The Power of Art

Readers, listeners, viewers,..Imagery, sound, vision,..regardless the conduit, this is a really good way of approaching an important purpose of art. Hoping It's All Happening can serve as a helpful contributor to this endeavor.

“I love the challenge of condensing complex socio-economic and political ideas into a stunning conceptual illustration that utilizes surreal imagery. I believe that my best work provides me with an opportunity to explore new topics that help broaden other people's understanding of how our societies function.

Art can have a powerful impact on the world, and the major effect I want my work to have is to contribute to the general reader’s information about the big economic and political issues facing our country in these times. Ultimately, I want people who look at my work to be better-informed citizens that are empowered to participate fully in our society.”

- Andrew Mulhearn

Andrew Mulhearn on Instagram

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