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Godspeed, Tony Bennett - Great Singer, Great American, Great Human Being

Updated: Dec 21, 2023

"Tony Bennett, who was demoted for having dinner with a Black friend in the military, who hunted Nazis and helped liberate concentration camp prisoners, who marched with MLK, who promoted Black musicians in the 1950s and 60s, and who happened to also be an incredible singer and artist."

— The Rude Pundit

Here's a good article on Tony B. and the history behind his life and singing career…

“The horrors that Bennett witnessed on the battlefield led this legend towards a life of pacifism and a commitment to art, music and social justice from which he’s never turned back…….

“The main thing I got out of my military experience was the realization that I am completely opposed to war,” he wrote. “Every war is insane, no matter where it is or what it’s about. Fighting is the lowest form of human behavior. It’s amazing to me that with all the great teachers of literature and art, and all the contributions that have been made on this very precious planet, we still haven’t evolved a more humane approach to the way we work out our conflicts. Although I understand the reasons why this war was fought, it was a terrifying, demoralizing experience for me. I saw things no human being should ever have to see.” "The Time Tony Bennett “…Saw Things No Human Being Should Ever Have To See.”

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