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  • Andy Valeri; Big Beef Productions

It’s All Happening - A Listener’s Perspective

There’s been a number of responses from listeners over this past year since the program started to go public, and most every one of them quite positive and supportive, while the handful of critiques offered have being of the thoroughly constructive kind.

But this has to rank as the most thoughtfully descriptive review of the program yet. Coming from someone who reveals that they have some knowledge of my own professional background only makes it even more personally meaningful.


I appreciate It's All Happening. I love that the releases are predictable and on time and so accessible. At this point I'm hooked and I'd go looking for them in the ether if they stopped Happening.

Music is so powerful in how it can alter my moods, making me feel energetic, focused, or relaxed. It’s medicine, medically necessary, and in a chaotic culture IAH feels centering and peaceful. Not in an anesthetic sort of way, though. It's more like a post-gym or spa visit. I just feel good after listening. Hyperbole? Maybe over the top gushing, but I really do like the production... a lot.

That you've immersed yourself in the molecules of music is apparent as you pull together songs that defy genre along with many that have historically been cast into a narrow genre. In doing this they all become an entire new genre, a collection of good stuff.

That you are a lifelong student of communication theory and media may not be apparent to everyone, but it only matters to the media geeks. To anyone not a comm-geek IAH feels like a very fascinating production of meaningful sound. Sound from speakers from the near and far past on our culture; sound of music of our culture's past and present; and resulting in an assemblage of audio that references past radio listening, but in a way that both disrupts and comforts at the same time.

I clearly struggle with saying things simply, but I find It's All Happening is a meaty culture melange. A dish served hot that I didn’t know I wanted until I heard it. Now it’s on my menu rotation.

Thank you for your masterful mixes.

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