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  • Andy Valeri; Big Beef Productions

Mugging It Up with It’s All Happening!

Yep, I guess we can now claim that It’s All Happening has merch. Ha

Now you can have the perfect way to enjoy your favorite beverage while listening to the informative grooves of It’s All Happening.

This double sided logo mug is available as a thank you gift for donations of $25 or more ($30 or more for those that have to be mailed out beyond Ohio. Out of the area postage rates have really exploded of late, unfortunately).

For easy online donations just go Here to the IAH webpage and find the “Support The Show” donation form at the bottom of the page. Checks in the mail are also more than welcomed, and a great non-card way of contributing your support to helping make It’s All Happening happen!

Thank You!

Donations payable to:

Big Beef Productions

Mailing address: It's All Happening/Big Beef Productions

P.O. Box 303 WBB

Dayton, OH 45409

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