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  • Andy Valeri; Big Beef Productions

Trying To Create In Our 'Attention Economy'

Updated: Jan 17

I was recently sharing some thoughts with friends who have had their own long histories in working in the creative arts, and we were recognizing what a challenge it can be sometimes to not get sucked down that path of creating things with a distorted eye towards generating attention and the 'hits' and 'likes' and such, and how easy it can be to feel you've got to work simply to maintain 'attention’ within our ‘attention economy.’ It’s not hard to lose track of even why you're doing any form of creative work as it is, and lose sight of what it is your promoting in the first place. 

(Of course, the fact that we’re existing in and trying to work within a ‘real’ material economy, and all the very real pressures of needing to sustain some form of income to exist within this world, certainly doesn’t help with any of that, either.)

It can be a real challenge to connect with an audience within this 'attention economy' - one where attention is measured in nano seconds, meaning defined within algorithms, and value ascertained upon the holy writs of accounting spreadsheets. 

This is even more reason why one needs to inspire oneself first and foremost, and experience discovery and value in the making of the work itself first, before any request or expectation can be solicited to a potential audience.

With that awareness in mind I would just to say how very much I value and appreciate each and every one of you who take the time to listen in to the grooves and insights being amplified through this medium. You make this venture into that vast ocean of digital indifference a little less vast and a lot less indifferent.

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