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Yellow Springs Film Festival a Triumphant Success

Updated: Dec 21, 2023

Really nice write up about my friend Eric Mahoney and the recent Yellow Springs Film Festival that he produced. A great event made possible by his vision, hard work and persistence, even in the face of some of the naysayers that questioned his efforts and even his intentions. I was glad to have been able to help participate in some small way, and glad to see the doubters proved wrong.

As for Fred Armisen, he was as personally lovely and cool as he comes across in this piece. Great to learn of what a big Dayton music fan he is. Funny, I remember hearing the name of his band Trenchmouth back in the 90’s, during the heyday of my music production years with Big Beef, but I only just recently discovered Fred was in it. Wow. And as someone so publicly into Dayton rock, I looked to see that he got an extra thank you package with some various works from the Big Beef catalog to take with him, including a rare copy of the first Real Lulu CD. Word has it that Fred has also got a copy of a bunch of the first series of “It’s All Happening” programs, which are scheduled for release here from Big Beef in the coming months. Hope he digs them if he gets a chance to listen to them, as they do seem like they’d be up his alley musically/aesthetically. The whole event was a creatively inspiring thing, and a big congrats to Eric and his production partner Ian Jacobs for pulling this thing together in record time and making it happen.

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