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Real Lulu

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“Real Lulu is "a two-woman, one-dude high-octane revival... (they) chart a whole new river with their nimble invasion of catchy hooks and ardent lyrics."

Formed in 1993, Real Lulu went on to develop into one of the Midwest's strongest modern rock acts through the decade. Fronted by guitarist Kattie Dougherty and bassist Sharon Gavlick, and powered by the world-class drumming of Jim Macpherson (The Breeders/Guided By Voices/Lab Partners), and original founding drummer Gregg Spence (The Underdogs/Cage/The Mulchmen), the band’s work was some of the most popularly successful of Big Beef productions.  

The band began their musical endeavors without a name, their debut gig at Canal Street Tavern listed on the playbill as ‘Untitled.’  Leaving pens and slips of paper on all of the tables throughout the venue, they solicited potential name submissions from the audience (which provided its own level of entertainment for all). It was at the suggestion of Canal Street Tavern owner Mick Montgomery that the band acquired its name.

Real Lulu almost immediately began impressing audiences, eventually going on to win the Dayton Band Playoffs as well as coming in second (to fellow Daytonians Mink) in the WOXY 97Xposure band competition.  The band would play out on a regular basis throughout the decade, appearing with such acts as Mike Watt, Howlin’ Maggie, Guided By Voices, Iodine, The Kelley Deal 6000, The New Duncan Imperials, The Mulchmen, and many more.  Do to occasionally conflicting playing schedules, the band would feature some of Dayton’s best drumming talent filling in with them, both on stage and in the studio. This list includes Steve Johnson of The Pure Plastic Tree,  Matt Espy (Cage/Mink/Motorhome/Lisa Loeb/Dead Rider), Brainiac frontman Tim Taylor, Ben Schelker of The Oxymorons, as well as Jay Madewell and Mark McFarlan (the band’s final regular drummer).

Real Lulu's music has also been featured in a number of different film and television productions, including the Jennifer Lopez film "Angel Eyes," the motion picture "We're Doing Fine" and more.



"After You"


The follow up collection of 14 recordings by the band, culled from the band's later years of performing and recording. Featuring such songs as the ever-popular crowd favorites like "Chief" as well as the beautiful power pop number "Show Me That You Care," and the soaringly majestic "Tomorrow". After You features Mark McFarlan and Jim Macpherson on drums, as well as their never before released version of The Sonics' garage classic "The Witch", with the band's original drummer Gregg Spence on drums and vocals. The CD is dedicated to the memory of the band's dearly departed friends who have played off and on with them over the years.

"We Love Nick"

The band’s first full-length release on Big Beef Records, with 14 songs with an "innovative, honest raw sound" (College Radio Music Review). Featuring original founding drummer Gregg Spence. Also recording with the band are drummers Jim Macpherson (Breeders/Guided By Voices), Matt Espy (Cage/Dead Rider), Tim Taylor of Brainiac, Steve Johnson of The Pure Plastic Tree, and Ben Schelker (The Oxymorons).
"Just the right balance of growl and glimmer.
— San Francisco Bay Guardian



The band's debut released, with the A-side being produced by fellow Daytonian Kim Deal. Originally released on Simple Solution Records, this record is one little power-packed pop/punk rush of road-tripping adrenaline.

"This is a hell of a band and a hell of a record. RATING: 10 out of 10."


Real Lulu also appeared on the SimonSeng compilation "Music of Ohio: I Am Thunderbird", which featured "Let Me" from their  album "We Love Nick," as well as  their cover of  Guided By Voices' "Postal Blowfish" on the Simple Solutions Records' GBV tribute compilation "Blatant Droom Trip."  They  were also included on the WOXY 97XPosure compilation CD.


L: Real Lulu live on air in the studios of WYSO 91.3FM

R: In the Canal Street Tavern band room with the great Nashville-based band Iodine,

after one of their many gigs together.

"This debut CD from the Dayton, Ohio trio Real Lulu is immensely likable female-vocal punky rock.

Or rocky punk. Either way, it's great."

- INK 1

"I'm actually beginning to believe the rumor about something being in the water here in Dayton - what with GBV, Brainiac, The Breeders and Cage cranking out soon-to-be-classics, and now yet another vital contender surfaces in the form of Real Lulu: a two-woman, one-dude high-octane revival.
...They play with refreshing honesty, and their clever song structures and skillful vocals haven't gone unnoticed in the Dayton community: they swam away with top-honors in the Dayton Battle of the Bands."


"Make no mistake, Real Lulu's beginnings may have been somewhat casual, but the Dayton-based alternative trio has always been serious when it comes to making music.And now, with the release of the band's debut CD, "We Love Nick", Real Lulu's fate is sealed - it's a real band with a real album that's real good.



"Kattie Dougherty has plugged her guitar in, and cranked up the volume knob all the way to eleven... I am a sucker for their tried and true grrrl rocker style that was born in the late '70's in London and NYC... Nice mix and production by the band and Big Beef Record honcho Andy Valeri make this a release that I am very happy to recommend."


"If there was any question why Real Lulu won last year's Dayton Band Playoffs at Canal Street Tavern, their debut single, "Hell" b/w "Motorhead" on Simple Solution Records should provide the answer. This crew can rock. Yeah, so can a lot of other bands in town, but Real Lulu rock, write good, catchy songs to boot and flesh them out with nice vocal interplay..."


"Their sound reminds me of the better Runaways or Girlschool  stuff I've heard.  In other words: girls who rock with a capital "R". "Motorhead" isn't a cover but rather the song about driving fast that Sammy Hagar wishes he could've written."


"Real Lulu is an two-woman, one-man, high-energy rock band based in Ohio. "We Love Nick" is their 14-song debut album and shows the group's ability to seemingly mix catchy, melodic vocal hooks with emotional vocal delivery and strong musicianship...the disc is full of great songs that won't make you want to skip to the next track."


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