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The Lawn Jockeys

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Congratulations! You have arrived (and to prove it you're here, to paraphrase The Rutles) at the only internet home of THE LAWN JOCKEYS. This merry band of short and shady characters began jamming around lawns, living rooms and warehouses back in 1993. Certainly not ones to be confused with the Hilton Head club party band of the same name, this consortium of purveyors of rock and roll served as house band for the legendary Dr. Creep and his long-running cult television program Shock Theatre during its return to live television back at the dawn of the new millennium.

The Lawn Jockeys, a band that has never played the same thing twice, rely on spontaneous intuition and love for all forms of music to conceive, write, perform and record their work. You can hear bits of various musical interpretation coming through their songs, from Hendrix to Black Sabbath to the JB’s to King Crimson to Devo to Funkadelic to Hawkwind to Pink Floyd to….all resulting in bringing a jazz sensibility into the realm of rock. The Lawn Jockeys endeavored to bring fun, unselfconscious levity and unbridled freedom back into rock ’n’ roll.

Besides their commercially-available Big Beef Records CD release "Amazing Sounds of Shock Theatre! Featuring Dr. Creep," the band also produced an entire two-disc dual album set of original music written, recorded and produced in Dayton, Ohio's legendary Cro-Magnon Studios, exclusively as a get-well present to their close friend and sometimes fellow Jockey Gregg Spence, who was going through extensive cancer treatments at the time. The entire finished project was made into one copy only (move over Wu-Tang Clan!) exclusively for Gregg,  the only non-participating person to receive a copy.

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the grass (no artificial chemicals applied here we assure you. We like to keep our lawns clean and green the natural, organically grooved way. That is when they are not being scorched by drought.)


(Lead guitar, hi-hat, stun gun baritone six string, conch shell, lead cape)
(Bass, rhymes and raps)
(Drums, percussion, channeler of the goofy gods)
(Keyboards, guitars, the lost chord, rhythm cape)
(Hammond C-3, Fender Rhodes and other keys and synths, bullwhip, BBQ)

(Guitars, lapsteel, upholstery, vocals)
(Evolutionary Revolutionary, spoons, Old School Pumas)
(Production and engineering)
(Svengali, guru, checkbook)



Shock CD cover.jpg

"Amazing Sounds of Shock Theatre! (Featuring Dr. Creep)"

Jam packed with jam, featuring rock, funk, metal, trance/electronica, jazz... It's the black light rock sounds of The Lawn Jockeys! A genre-splitting production inspired by the legendary TV host and cultural icon Dr. Creep and his long-running cult program, including appearances by the good Doctor himself.

Makes for the perfect party album!

"This is a fantastic collection" - ROCTOBER

"Aquagnome and Other Hits"

The first half of a special recording project by the band, featuring a host of original musical jams that were written, recorded, and edited as an exclusive get-well present for their dear friend and sometimes fellow Jockey Gregg Spence, who was going through extensive treatments for cancer at the time. Features fun original  jams as well as new takes on classic riffs, along with humorous covers of the likes of Hank Williams, Van Morrison and more.


"Comin' At 'Cha"

The second part of the Gregg Spence get-well project. Features the rocking audio collage jam "Request For Napalm," along with the band's Black Sabbath-inspired "War Gnomes," a trip to the "Jockey Rodeo," and a host of other psychedelic jams. 

"Lattice of Coincidence"

The yet-to-be-released full-length of the Jockey's with their distinctive jazzy funky rock, R&B and psychedelic blues infused instrumentals. Recorded during the "Shock Theatre" sessions at Cro-Mag Studios in Dayton, these instrumental ventures capture the band amidst a moment of creative release of a host timeless jams, including the audiphonic late night coda, the title track "Lattice of Coincidence."


"Inspired by the hulking horror host who did for local Dayton TV horror movie hosting what Celine Dion did for Iceberg Doomed Boat balladry, this is a fantastic collection of Rock/Trash/Dance/Boogie/Bizzarrity. Usually horror movie inspired music is all 50's garage raw, but this is boldy willing to look into the future (even if it's a 20-year old vision of the future) and have some electronics creepily noodle with the creaks and chains of yore. Dr. Creep's creepy voice even makes cameos to creep you, proving himself the Creme De La Creep."



Dr. Creep in Cro-Magnon Studios laying down some vocal tracks for use in the

"Amazing Sounds of Shock Theatre" album project.

"The Lawn Jockeys, playing a mixed bag that includes a great funk/trance, jazz/rock style, served as the house band for live editions of the Shock Theatre movie marathon. They mix in samples of movie dialog, as well as sound-bytes of their hero, Dr. Creep.
When I picked this CD up, I thought, "Great -- another corny monster CD with a bunch of lame and not-so-scary novelty numbers on it!" Not so -- I was really "shocked." The Lawn Jockeys really throw down some great grooves! Also involved in this project is The Organic Groove Continuum (O.G.C.), responsible for all the trance/electronica beats. "Amazing Sounds" runs almost 75 minutes, so the Jockeys give listeners plenty of time to get lost in some great grooves."



The Lawn Jockeys on the set during one of their live television appearances as the house band

for Dr. Creep's Shock Theatre specials.

"Before the locust-like proliferation of cable television, late-night horror movie hosts like Ghoulardi, Sir Cecil Creepe, Count Floyd and Dayton, Ohio's Dr. Creep ruled the airwaves. Offering up the cheesiest in grade Z sci-fi and monster movies, these hosts would complement their film fare with ghoulish comedy skits, song parodies and smart-ass commentary (long before Mystery Science Theatre brought their act to cable). A tribute to Dr. Creep and his long running "Shock Theatre," Amazing Sounds of Shock Theatre features local Dayton boys The Lawn Jockeys. The band lays down a steady groove beneath an inspired mix of movie dialogue samples, found vocals and Dr. Creep's spoken material, with music running the gamut from electronic dance rhythems to guitar-driven surf rock. Ultra-cool songs such as "Dr. Funkencreep," "Rick James & The Ice Cream Truck," and "The UFO's Have Landed" reveal the lighter side of rock & roll and are a hell of a lot of fun. A benefit record for Dr. Creep's Project Smiles charity, The Lawn Jockeys have delivered a loving and appropriately chaotic tribute to the classic late-night horror movie show."


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