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  • Andy Valeri; Big Beef Productions

Path of Totality

My hometown was bathed in the darkness of totality this week, which was quite the event. It was a rapturous experience in many ways, though not of the evangelically Christian variety. I will say it is still kinda head shaking to me how so many times over and over in human history people look to these kinds of events as the harbinger “the end.” Regardless, isn’t the end of something pretty much always the beginning of something else as well?

I do wonder about some of what does attract such engaged attention to events like this? The burning desire of literally millions of people to move into the path of totality, does give one some thoughts regarding just what that means and entails, especially in our current age of people more and more expressing a a certain kind of affinity for the inherent totalitarianism that seems to be in the substrate of so much political thinking these days. Also had to laugh thinking about how many people out there were jamming (or tempted to jam) Pink Floyd during it? I felt fortunate to be able to experience it all bathed in the sounds of a more rural environs, the sound of nature providing its own unique symphony to the unfolding celestial dance.

Wherever you may have experienced this event, I hope it provided you with some of your own positive thoughts, feelings and inspirations. It certainly did me in a number of ways. It also provided the final psychic kick I probably need to get to finishing an edition of IAH that’s been in a state of half construction for over a year, Moon Unit Safari. I’m sure it will have it’s effect on other creations in the days ahead as well.

Dig the pictures HERE from fellow musical compatriot Tom Gilliam, a professional photographer for the The Dayton Daily News. (Sans the ‘rapture’ image, of course, which is from Mike Swiger and took place at a location undetermined - ha) See more of Tom's photographic report on the eclipse here… PHOTOS: Total solar eclipse events in the Dayton region

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